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Cargo Insurance

We at Sunrays Shipping are committed to providing a professional service, which is specifically tailored to the unique demands of the freight sector. Our employees have all graduated from a freight forwarding background, which ensures we provide the appropriate insurance cover to meet our customer's needs.

Cargo Insurance Services is a specialized area we serving to the freight forwarding sector. We are authorised and regulated by the official government authorities to arrange the insurance of freight whilst in transit and storage.

We provides Freight Insurance for import or export shipments. Freight Insurance protection can be tailored to meet your specific shipping requirements. We can provide Freight Insurance for one–off shipments, or regular commercial shipments, throughout the world.

Sunrays Insurance services cover

  • Insurance against fire and explosion
  • Grounded, capsized, derailed and stranded cargo while in transit or storage.
  • Damages during loading and unloading of cargo.
  • Piracy and pilferage.
  • Damages during freight.

Packing Solutions

Under the supervision of our experts, we pack your goods as per the nature of the item and using the best quality appropriate packaging material.

Sunrays Shipping are committed towards providing the best packing and moving services in the country. In our endeavor towards proving the best in class packing and moving services, we take care in using premium quality packing materials. Depending upon the object, we use wrapping papers, wooden boxes, cartons, etc. We ensure that the objects that are entrusted with us, are handled with utmost care and reaches their destination safely. We have a team of people who are specially employed to check the safety and the security of all the goods that are entrusted with us.

We specialize in offering safe and secure packing services at the most cost effective rates.

Our Range of Services

  • Special Cradles
  • Saddles
  • Braces
  • Hood Boxing
  • Custom Heavy Duty Pallets
  • Heavy Duty Support Skids
  • Skid Strapping
  • Pipe Bundling